Easy cash from Social Networks

       Use your Facebook & Twitter accounts to make easy money, all you have to do it's like FB pages & follow people on twitter & you will get pay, this sites, are the best on the web.
Use Check4Change add-on to get the most of this sites, this add-on will auto refresh your pages & let you know when new updates are available. 

Download the add-on here : Check4Change & read here how to use it C4C tutorial


         FanSlave it's the best money making site using Social Networks, all you have to do it's to Like FB pages, follow on Twitter, view Youtube clips or view Websites.
First step to makey money it's to register here : FanSlave
Second step it's to enable you Facebook & Twitter accounts & start making easy money.
FanSlave has curently over 580.000 members & it's growing fast every day, you can make between 0.01-0.10$ a click, you can make with ease 1E/day, depending on how much time you speand on this site. The min. payout it's at 15 Euro (3000 credits), instant withdraw with PayPall or Payza. You can make 15% lifetime commission from any referral that register under your link.

Buy Facebook Fans, Free Fan Exchange, Earn Money Online

         FanDealer it's another great site of making easy money online using Social Networks ( it's like FanSlave). This site has curently over 71.500 members & growing fast, this site pays you between 0.02-0.10$ for every click & the min. payout it's set at 10 Euro (500 credits). You can also get 0.10 Euro & 20% lifetime commission for every referral you bring. This 2 German sites are a great & easy source of income all you have to do it's register & make money.


        LikeASAP  it's a site that has over 28.500 members & growing. This site pays you less at the beginning & your profit it's growing as you "Like & Follow" people, you can make between 0.001-0.01 $ at first, as your lvl increases, your profit will grow to. The min. cash out it's 0.60 $ for PayPall & 1 $ for Payza.
You can make 50 points & 10% life time commissions for every referral you get & if you have a min of 25 clicks a day you will get an extra 25 points.
This site hase more option then the first two, you can also get pay from Instagram, StumbleUpon, twittes & re-twittes, youtube autoview & microjobs.

Here you can get DirectReferrals & here you can find more ways to make money EasyCash.   

Here is my payment proofs from FanSlave & FanDealer : 

Payment Proof 

More payments proofs here: All My Proofs

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